This part of my website shows how much I enjoy sharing my knowledge of voice and music with others. Over the past ten years, I have guided singers, actors, and musicians to have a better understanding of their voice and uniqueness. In my opinion, awareness of one's body and personal habits are two key tools for improvement and achieving tangible results over time, supported by consistent practice. 

In addition to the technical aspect, I also offer coaching in vocal improvisation sessions and ensemble singing, as well as music business guidance for independent artists who want to learn more about the music industry and DIY approaches.

Currently, I teach jazz singing in Brussels at the Watermael-Boitsfort Academy, and I periodically offer intensive workshops called 'Vocal Boost' for beginners, semi-professionals, and professionals.



14-15 JANUARY 2024

Pacson Music Studio, Brussels


25-26 NOVEMBER 2023

Pacson Music Studio, Brussels


8-9 July 2023

Pacson Music Studio, Brussels