This part of my website shows how much I enjoy sharing my knowledge of the voice as I consider it our first instruemnt to make music. Over the past ten years, I have coached singers, actors, and musicians to have a better understanding of their voice and their body as an instrument. In my opinion, to be aware of our body and our own habits are key-elements for improvement and achieving tangible results over time, supported by consistent practice. My goal as a vocal coach is to show you the easiest and healthiest way to find the sounds you desire, without compromising the nature of your instrument and your artistic personality. Using Estill training (Master Candidate), I will show you how to control the main ingredients that allow us to sing in this or that quality.

Currently teaching jazz singing in Brussels (Watermael-Boitsfort Academy), I periodically offer intensive workshops for beginners, semi-professionals, and professionals, where we explore the voice in all directions to better underatand its use and possibilities. For further enquiries and/or to book a private lesson, please contact me at




31-1 August/september 2024

Rue de l'Etendard 11, 1000 Bruxelles

English & French


14-15 JANUARY 2024

Pacson Music Studio, Brussels


25-26 NOVEMBER 2023

Pacson Music Studio, Brussels


8-9 July 2023

Pacson Music Studio, Brussels